Move and Groove Birthday Parties

Move and Groove Parties

Move and Groove offers the unique birthday event for the Akron/Canton area which combines dance, themed characters, and creativity. Move and Groove also offers a weekly class called Hip Wholesome Hop at Grace United Church of Christ in Uniontown.

A Move and Groove Birthday Party is a theme-based party accented with an enjoyable movement routine. Our wide variety of themes gives children a chance to explore their creativity and discover a love for moving. All dancers love to put on a costume and become someone else for a performance. Our experience teaching children is that they feel the same. The goal of "Move and Groove Birthday Parties" is to make your party the grooviest event while "becoming someone else for a day." So go ahead... you can be anything... a ballerina... a pirate... the choices are classic. The things children dream can come true! Northeast Ohio, we can not wait to Move and Groove with you!